Feb 5, 2007

It's amazing they can fly at all, actually...

Geese: Of the non-Canadian variety. Taken today at noon'ish near my office.

I'm back... I think. Trying to catch up on very belated emails (you know who you are... sorry for the delay). Took a break from blogging, and photography for a bit while I dealt with some health issues and got caught up on all the life stuff that was on hold while I spent what little energy I had working.

I spent last week in Vegas on a business thingy and managed to squeeze some fun into the trip. I highly recommend getting assimilated by the Borg at the Star Trek Experience at the Hilton, and strongly recommend that you avoid the Romulan Ale in Quark's bar. Not because it's strong.... on the contrary. It tastes like Miller Light with blue food coloring.