Oct 19, 2004

Flogging Molly:

Last night was Flogging Molly at The Commodore Ballroom.

Flogging Molly, for those of you who don’t know is a band that plays Irish/punk kind of music. It seemed, my friend said, that most of the crowd was there for the punk and less for the Irish. The opening band was pretty much straight up old school punk rock. It was good I guess, but I was a bit tired. They had a good time churning up the mosh-pit.

An interesting note on the mosh-pit: This isn’t something I’ve ever participated in myself. I’m short and value the clean un-broken bridge of my nose too much to get in there. What I noticed mostly was that even though the “pit” was sparsely populated, the kids made the most of the space by running around in circles and crashing into each other. Just when it looked like they were about to spin each other around in homage to Victorian line-dancing, they would push each other, hard, toward the outer circle.

Later when Flogging Molly came on and the dance floor filled up, the pit got too crowded for very much running and jumping. Instead they would throw someone up and push them toward the stage into the waiting arms of one of the five bouncers. The funniest thing to me about this was that 1) suddenly I saw the bouncers as a millennium moderne version of “catchers-in-the-rye”. And 2) The people’s faces when they reached the bouncer where so full of relief. Even the boy with the foot-tall Mohawk looked grateful and wrapped his arm about the shoulder of the bouncer just like a damsel who had just been swept off her feet by her knight in shining armor.
Flogging Molly was great. The energy of the crowd was really positive and fun, defying the skeptics that own the club, who had determined that at this show it would be prudent to substitute the glass beer mugs with plastic… “just for tonight.”


darth said...

what is this?? CONCERTS EVERY NIGHT???? WTF????

sounds like fun, tho.

Bella_by_Barlight said...

Tonight is Old Crow Medicine Show. :o)

Arethusa said...

I wish I was theah!!! I've never moshed before either but I like your description of 'em. Damsels in distress...bwahahahahahaha.

WeJamEcono said...

Busy big city gal! That sounds like fun. I miss nightly concerts.

Gorgeous Girl said...

I've never heard of any of these bands. thats how square I am. I am going to see Green Day next week. I doubt I will be moshing either.

Bella_by_Barlight said...

I saw Green Day several years ago with this snow-boarder guy (I called him "the dude"). It was an outdoor all-ages show and there were lots of mom's looking worried for their 12 year old boys.