Nov 30, 2004

Fat is flavo(u)r:

(aka: if it’s in a foil-pack, it’s not for sharing)

Yesterday on my way home from school I stopped at the produce market near my house to pick up some comfort food (it was snowing) I was thinking, like chicken noodle soup in a can kinda thang. Instead, I got this pre-made box/foil packet of palak paneer and some onion parathas.

So, I get home, tidy up the kitchen and open the lovely box of palak paneer, pull out the foil pack, squeeze all the goodness into a saucepan to heat and toss the onion paratha on the cast-iron griddle. While I wait for things to heat, I casually take a look at the box the palak paneer came in, and notice the caloric content. Apparently, this little foil pack contains two servings. Who knew? I planned on eating the whole thing! Somehow they squeezed 600 calories into this little package. Not that I care at this point because I’m cold and hungry and the green spicy goo looks delectable. Then, out of curiosity I check the caloric content of my paratha. One paratha has 300 calories.

The paratha begins to puff and crisp on the griddle just as the palak paneer comes to a nice hearty simmer. I put paratha on a big plate, and the paneer in a little bowl (incidentally, this “two servings” of palak paneer fit in one very small ice-cream bowl) and polish it all off in 15 minutes. Yum. I completed my meal with a crisp and sweet persimmon cut into eighths, and a hot cup of spicy milky chai.

I have a fickle appetite and I hate bland food. I also have a fat ass. But then again, I also have a lot of flavah.


darth said..., trader joes has these frozen indian dinner things that we bought for emergencies..i.e. too tired to cook...and i actually took them to work sometimes..

then one day i happened to check the saturated fat content.

Arethusa said...

Soup in a can? Pre-packaged meals? FROZEN FOOD????


I can't argue about the flava (in you, not the food).

Bella_by_Barlight said...

Arethusa: Bah. At least I made shrimp Pad Thai from scratch last night.

MHP said...

Yum, yum. I've always wondered why packaged vegetarian food was high in caloric content. If you consumed 1200 calories, BFD. Live grand, always!

Arethusa said...

Okay, I forgive you.

hallvardur said...

i'm into that. big asses. lots of curves.
my ex accused me for being gay because the ass thing.

Mister Underhill said...

What she doesn't mention is she has probably the best natural cleavage I have ever seen...and I think her body is firmer than she would lead us to believe.

Bella_by_Barlight said...

Thanks Mister Underhill. If only your fantasy could be reality :P