Nov 10, 2004

I need this book:

For years the key players involved in the managing and moulding of the Spice Girls have surrounded themselves with a wall of silence. Now, in a series of exclusive and remarkably candid interviews they reveal for the first time their version of events that created and sustained the Spice phenomenon. Their first manager Chris Herbert, who invented the group and was then abandoned by them. Simon Fuller, the manager who steered them to success and was then himself fired in a blaze of publicity. The songwriting and production teams, the PRs, marketing managers, A&R men, lawyers and record company executives all contribute for the first time to a fascinating behind-the-scenes account of the rise and fall of the biggest pop phenomenon of recent times. David Sinclair was a close observer of the Spice Girls throughout their heyday and beyond. In the course of reporting on their adventures for The Times, he has met and interviewed them collectively and individually. He has drawn extensively on 20 years of experience as a pop critic.

I was a big fan of the Spice Girls marketing department. I bought plastic rings, stickers, temporary tattoos, bubblegum (with more stickers)... there was probably more but I've forgotten.

And yes, I was always too old to be a Spice Girls fan.

I wonder if this new historical examination of the Spice Girls phenomenon presages the re-birth of SGC (Spice Girls Cool). If it does, I should make sure the plastic pinky rings with Ginger, Scary, Posh, and Baby faces under plastic are ready for EBay when the price peaks.

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WeJamEcono said...

Always good to save that sort of stuff for the second coming of it and the eventual resale on ebay...

the marketing was pretty smart, and it was clear about how they hit the ground running, and now how little they have done w/out a PR machine.