Dec 3, 2004

Guilty Pleasures:

1) Posting on my blog:

I guess I don't feel that guilty about it... but I seem to post more the more work I have to do. This is partly because when I'm writing papers I'm also sitting at my computer for extended periods of time, but it does look a bit like procrastination...

2) Kraft single slices:

My friends who had normal parents are always shocked that I like these rubbery cheese flavored squares, but we never had them when I was growing up so they were always exotic food to me. One time I traded an apple and four slices of colby cheese for a Kraft slice and wonderbread sammich and I sincerely believe I got the better end of the bargain.

3) Biore nose strips:

Yup, I know they are gross, but they are fun. I don't use them very often because I don't get many blackheads, but when I do... there is something disgustingly satisfying about seeing all those spikey gribblygrossout bits that used to be lodged in your pores.

4) Dark chocolate:

The more cocoa content the better. I recently found a Belgian brand that makes a bar that is 86% cocoa. It's more bitter than sweet and oh so melty on the tongue.

5) Taxicabs:

If I were employed I don't think this would count as a guilty pleasure, but being a student means having to economize.

6) Murder mysteries:

I haven't read a murder mystery in a while because I have so little time to read for pleasure these days, but I have a little pile of them saved up for my Christmas break reading. I love forensic pathology!

7) Rebel Billionaire:

I don't watch very much television. Don't get me wrong, I probably do watch more television than I should, but sometimes after studying your brain needs a light massage. This show completely satisfies any craving I might have for reality television. It's like fear factor, America's next top model, and that Trump show all rolled into one. Plus, that Branson guy is very sexy.


darth said...

1) i think its a good thing-helps your mind loosen up for tackling the homework thing.

2) pass

3) i use these once a month or so. DEAL. also, jane doh has mentioned some new skin thing that sounds pretty intriguing, did you see on her blog?

4) i came home tonight and found 2 dark chocolate bars on my computer desk: vilars swiss, 72%, and chocovic ocumare criollo cocoa from veneuzuela, 71%. i will report back.

Emily the Cat said...

that Branson poster look like he's had his head chopped off!!! :-0

Madame D said...

1. For some reason, I will let a while go by, then suddenly have a million ideas hit me at the same time, and there'll be like 5 or 6 posts, whether they're content-rich or not. I don't care.

2. I love me some fake cheese. I didn't have Kool-Aid until after I got married. Seriously. We always had real juice at my house. Thank god, my parents were divorced, and I got all the Kraft Mac n Cheese and Wonderbread and mini powdered donuts I could take. Oh yeah.

3. Who doesn't love seeing what used to be in their skin? And then showing anyone else who happens to be nearby.

4. Actually, not a big chocolate person. Only during PMS, making me the biggest cliche ever.

5. Have to have my own car. Have to.

6. I love the romance books that have sex and a mystery. And it's not just the Intrigues. Because who doesn't need more sex in their lives?

7. Oh yeah. Hot AND rich.

MHP said...

Bella, Bella, love the list.

1. We love you for this guilty pleasure.
2. I can't second you on this babes. Orange cheese is wrong. Of course my parents think SPAM is okay, so...
3. I don't get blackheads either, so the strips aren't as satsifying.
4. Dark chocolate can save a bad day. And a good painkiller.
5&6. One day soon you'll be able to read a murder mystey while taking a cab.
7. People have thought I was strange for thinking Branson was hot. Glad you agree.

Your guilty pleasures are all well deserved.

thephoenixnyc said...

I will never fully understand the fascination and delight Canucks find in Kraft Dinners.

Arethusa said...

<--Has never liked Kraft Dinner

It was never used in my house and the first time I tasted it was when I was a frosh at uni here. It was...well...:-|

InkedDaisyGirl said...

i LOVE forensic ANYTHING. i will watch hour upon hour (at someone elses house of course) of forensic shows. GIVE ME LUMINAL OR GIVE ME DEATH!

Bella_by_Barlight said...

RA! forensic pathology! I first got interested in that sort of thing a long time ago when I met this woman who is a forensic entomologist... very gross but very cool research she was doing on insect larvae on pig corpses... something to do with decomposition rates on bodies that drowned vs bodies that were dumped in the water etc. These studies help to determine the time and location of death in murder victims.

Bella_by_Barlight said...

P.S. Who said anything about Kraft Dinner? :barf: It's just the cheese slices I like.

See, this is how rumours get started... ;)

c said...

Ahhh. I found out about those squibbly gribbly grossout nose strips from reading your blog last week. I got all intrigued about them then found out my girlfriend uses them. She kept this secret from me all this time! Tried one for the first time last night and my GOSH am I going to have to come back for more.

No guilt, just gooey pleasure.