Feb 11, 2005

Corporate history:

thephoenixnyc asked what corporate research is, and the answer was kind of long so I'm posting it here instead of in the comments for my last post:

I had never really thought about this before either - A corporate historian is usually hired on a contract basis to investigate some particular aspect of a companies history. For example, say you have Old Venerable Institution, and they have just undergone a merger with Dynamic Young Upstart. Part of a package that might be put together for example, for shareholders and so forth, might include some history of OVI, and possibly, amalgamating that thematically with the history (recent) of DYU. Ths information could be valuable for marketing and promotion/advertising, shareholder confidence etc. All these things could be done by VOI and or DYU, OR, they could hire a corporate historian to put the information together so they can get on with the business of making money.

Corporate historians are also active in such things as Indian land claims research, and sadly, recent investigations into residential school abuses by the Anglican and Catholic churches. Litigators often hire outside research firms to assist with historical cases.


Madame D said...

That is very cool! Get on with your bad self! And your kick ass history degree.
I'm looking to start college this fall. English degree. Nearly as useful as History, and Philosophy (I have three friends with Philosophy degrees.) At least I have a plan for it!

Bella_by_Barlight said...

Madame: You know, a week or so ago when I was feeling really sorry for myself, I thought to myself, "WHY WHY WHY DID I DECIDE TO GET A LIBERAL ARTS DEGREE! ARG!" But you know. … even aside from the employment option that it seems actually exists, there are lots of other things you can do. My sister for example, did a vague "general studies" degree for her BA, which has the potential to be the kiss of death academically, but she went to a college after she graduated and did a certificate program in recreation therapy. Now she is the recreation director for a posh retirement/nursing home. If you have the patience for it, gerontology is a fantastic thing to do a minor in these days if your college or university offers it.

Okay, and one other thing I just have to add, even though it has nothing to do with my post:

I'm really proud and impressed that you are going back to school. I know I have been feeling sorry for myself and anxious - but I still think (need to remind myself) that I have way more options now than I did before started out to get this degree.

Going back to college as a mature student was the most frightening, bravest, scariest, funnest, best and worse thing I've ever done. It is always hard to go back when you have been out for a while. As a mum you'll have some extra challenges that I didn't have to deal with. But there are bursaries available to help financially, you'll make new friends and access parts of your brain you knew were there but had been deprived of oxygen for a while.

As long as I am here in the bloggyverse, I will encourage you any way I can from up here in Canukistan.

babydufus said...

i'm in awe. you go girl.
consulting is where its at.

actually it sounds like this corporate research thing of yours could encompase the best of both worlds. good pay from a corporate giant.. and actually helping out the other peoples. no? canukistan.. heh.