Feb 16, 2005

Found pictures:

Last night I searched through some old diskettes looking for a Russian history paper I seem to remember writing years ago. I never found it, but I did find a couple of photos from my trip to Praha in... I think it must have been 1998? Maybe it was 1997.

It made me want another holiday.


timx said...

I really like blackand white photos - maybe it's my age!

hallvardur said...

cool photo. prague looks fucking amazing. holidays are good. when i was there i'd stay at this hostel, which was an old sport hall with lots of beds, and the bar was open 24/7. on the bridge, the freaks would come out after midnite. it was neat.

Bella_by_Barlight said...

I love black and white too. I may get back into that. I've been really interested in colour for a while now, especially shooting in colour slide film with lots of saturation, but really I've just been taking digital pictures recently. I'm very lazy.

hallvardur, yes Prague is wonderful. We actually rented an appartment while we were there, about three doors away from Bethlemka Namiesty so we walked down to the bridge after midnight several times to sit and drink a Gambrinus on the bridge. Maybe we were some of the freaks you're talking about ;)