Feb 8, 2005

Here I review some new music:

Chemical Brothers:Push the Button

Hey, I didn't know I liked the Chemical Brothers! I think I saw them play live last year, but I could be mixing them up with someone else. Anyway, if that was them I like this new CD better. Actually I really like this CD! I love the track The Boxer (featuring Tim Burgess)

Two thumbs up!

Daft Punk:Human After All

I found a very shiny happy review of this album on a teen music site. Need I say more? I wont delete this from my iPod yet, but soon....... maybe. I think it could grow on me.

One thumb up!

Death Cab for Cutie:Transatlanticism

This is such a great name for a band!!!!!! And the song Passenger Seat is quite pretty and kind of haunting. However, most of the CD is as banal as the title of the song Death of an Interior Decorator would suggest.

One thumb down.


It is impossible to say anything bad about this CD because every time I put it on, I somehow forget there is music playing and don't notice it. All the songs sound kind of the same to me - tuneful brit-pop. Its kind of like eating a diet yogurt mouse... It tastes good, you wont regret it after the fact, but you'll be hungry for something more filling within an hour.

Where are my thumbs?

Xiu Xiu:Fabulous Muscles

Hmmmm... this is the kind of music that actually bugs me. Kind of pretentious pop/industrial noise fusion. It might make okay background music for an arty cafe that cultivating a gothic modern look.

Two thumbs down.


Arethusa said...

Thats why I didn't get the 2nd Interpol album. One is enough really and, I think, their first was better (isn't that almost always the case?).

Bella_by_Barlight said...

I'm not sure I could tell the difference.

Brian said...

Hmm, I was just checking out that Chemical Brothers album yesterday. I shall give it another listen.

But how can you rag on Death Cab? I suggest trying The Postal Service, if you're looking for something a bit more interesting. It sounds like you're breaking up with a computer!

Bella_by_Barlight said...

Brian! I only gave them *one* thumb down. Which is better than no thumbs or two thumbs down but less good than one thumb up. (bellascale)

I will give them another chance. I do like that one song...


Arethusa said...

Okay for Interpol I had this great eg. of how I got the first Dido CD (yes, I bought it) and loved it, received the 2nd release as a birthday present and gave a big fat yawn because it was a carbon copy of the first. The problem is is that now I can't stand listening to the first one either.

Bella_by_Barlight said...

Yeah, I'm trying to think of a comparable example too areth... but all I keep coming up with is how I just got an early Neko Case album and how much I dislike it compared to her last two albums. I wonder if this is sort of like the U2 phenomenon when I was in high school, where if War and Boy weren't your favourite albums you were just hopelessly un-cool.