Feb 23, 2005

It turns out I am practically illiterate:

So, I've started a dictionary for myself in a word doc on my PDA. Some of these words I understood the "gist" of, but fuck if I could give you a decent definition.

In elementary school I had a killer vocabulary. Some found me quite Precocious. But over the years people caught up to and surpassed me and I realized I needed to start acquiring new words. So, now when I'm doing my reading for the week, if I run into a word I either don't understand at all or only have a vague sense of, I look it up.

Here is what my dictionary contains so far:

(you will notice the words are not alphabetical. I am not OCD)

Anomy (or Anomie)

I feel slightly better now that I know Blogger spellcheck doesn't know some of these words either.


Agent_Smith said...

..."if I run into a work I either don't understand"....

Um...err... :P

Bella_by_Barlight said...


Fixed :o)

Arethusa said...

Blogger spellcheck has the vocabulary of...an 8 year old I'd say.

I love the picture you're using as your AV. Also I would have alphabetised your list for you if you had asked. I'm anal about that sort of thing. It's to make up for the limited vocab.

Gorgeous Girl said...

some words won't even look up. :(

darth said...

blogger's spellcheck had trouble with "blogger" ...

thephoenixnyc said...

That is NOT an easy list of words.

Also, I absolutely LOVE your honesty and ability to talk about yourself in reference to self improvement. I really admire that in you. You inspire me to do more of it.

Brian said...

You're into history and etymology? Too cool for school...

babydufus said...

um... i'm sorry.
but i thnk i've only EVER used four of those words... and i thought i was SMRT smart

c said...

Fab idea. I did that when I was at uni. Pretty damn useful. The good words stick because you find situations to use them in.

Your list seems pretty hardcore. The only one I'm totally at home with is "sectarian" - a fact of daily life in the west of Scotland.

I thought Sunders was the guy who invented KFC. Dissemble is something you do to stuff from Ikea. Or something it does to you.

Texas Biscuit said...

I wonder what kind of 'weekly readings' you do to find these 10-dollar words?! Impressive. I've always thought about getting one of those word-a-day calendars... Maybe in 2006...

timx said...

Words are for communicating.
If the other person doesn't know the meanings either.....

infobabe said...

the fact that you read books with those words in them makes me feel dumb.

oh, and blogger has a spell checker?

Madame D said...

Okay, a friend has a list of 100 words every high schooler should know when they graduate.
I know it has some of these words on there. Makes me feel like a giant idiot.
And I'm a vocab/spelling/grammar whore. I live for the big icky words that have no real application in the regular world.
Oh, and I'd totally have to have the list alphabetized. Because I'm A.) anal, and B.) do have that touch of OCD that the medication doesn't quite handle!

Mister Underhill said...

Even I don't know a couple of those too well, so youa re in good company.

I forgot to mention that I really like your new pic.

It looks like you but it not like obviously you. The other one never quite looked right somehow, thought he last one was ok.

Hope your school is going well.

Bella_by_Barlight said...

These are the ones I wouldn't have looked up except for a peculiarity of mine which is a fetish for proper word usage and efficient communication:


The rest I honestly had no clue about and have yet to use in a sentence.

Timx: You are absolutely right, as usual. I went to a lecture a few months ago, and one of the speakers was utterly unintelligible. And as arrogant as this might sound, looking around the room, I'm guessing that the only person who DID understood what he was saying was one of the other panellists. As far as I'm concerned, at that point, using one's great "vocab" ends up amounting to nothing more than mental masturbation.