Feb 26, 2005

More new music (not your old rebel yell): Devils Playground by Billy Idol

Yeah, seriously. Billy Idol. Okay, now keep in mind I'm not a huge rock fan. I don't RAWK OUT, like, ever. But I have a bit of a sentimental streak about Billy Idol. White Wedding was playing in the cafeteria for Friday Music Lunch the day the coolest guy in school, "California Kelly", asked me out for coffee. We didn't "go around" as we called it back in the day. He liked his skateboard *way* better than he liked girls. Several years ago I saw his face and name on a bus bench - apparently he's a Real-Estate agent now and I just can't describe how depressing that is to me. Anyway, back to the music: I am surprised at myself, but I really like this new CD. It still sounds like Billy Idol, and this is still good rock that maybe young folks might listen to (seriously though, what do I know),but it also demonstrates some real maturity and evolution of his sound. The song Plastic Jesus is ... I hate to say it, but its catchy, self aware, and ironic.

The CD will be released March 22, 2005. (It pays to know the director of a radio station)


darth said...

i already embarrassed myself on the radio gushing about how great he was in concert...are you playing him tonight??

Bella_by_Barlight said...

No, I wont be playing it, probably ever. For radio it isn't my style


Actually I listened to it several times on Thursday, but I don't own a copy of it yet.

Glitzy said...

Good to know! The last Billy Idol I payed attention to was 'Cyberpunk'

Thanks for blog rolling me :) I've got you on mine.

Bella_by_Barlight said...

The last Billy Idol I paid attention to was in the caf in grade 9. Seriously. But the album (woops, I mean CD)really is worth picking up when its out.

Madame D said...

(they're still albums!)

Arethusa said...

I see that this album's release has all of the Billy Idol fans coming out of the closet, with the exception of darth who, months before, could not contain his excitement about Idol's concerts.


Bella_by_Barlight said...

Oh my! Did I just slip and fall onto a "Bandwagon"!

MDB: Thank for the update, I hate it when I date myself :P