Feb 9, 2005

Okay this is dumb.

PodBrix . 1000 brix in your pocket

What is PodBrix?
Tomi Responds:
PodBrix sells modified minifigs inspired by the popular ad campaign for portable music players. In the future we may branch out to other related minifigs.

How are the PodBrix minifigs created?

Tomi Responds:
I start with a Lego brand minifig and modify it by hand to create the desired appearance. Each one is slightly different.

I see only one minifig available for sale on the site. Are there others?

Tomi Responds:
At this time I am producing a limited edition run (300 units) of the "1K Brix" minifig. Lego minifigs are hard to come by in large quantities and I don't want to commit to more at this time. When the "1K Brix" have sold out, I will design another different figure. Join the mailing list to be updated when we release a new product.


Madame D said...

Look at me! I'm ripping off Lego AND iPod at the same time! A ha ha!!!

babydufus said...

hmm 300 units at 16.99 to get specific lego parts? sounds to me like he might not have turned a profit...
ah but then i suppose he was doing for the art...

maybe he could branch out and do vignettes of the bud light ads. now that's art.

thephoenixnyc said...

I am feeling kind of stupid for not understanding this thing.

Mister Underhill said...

Is that 17 dollars each or is it 17 for 1000, 300 or what?

I am so confused.

Also, I am angry. Angry at being confused, and because of the stereotypes his stupid lego impose on my people.

Bella_by_Barlight said...

I think it's just a Lego version of an iPod ad. There is nothing further to understand about it except that it is dumb.

Oh, that and now I'm embarrassed to have an iPod.

Mister Underhill said...

Thank you for clearing it up - I feel less inferior now.

You know I made a quite witty comment on your omigod! post but you deleted the one that had my comment.

Hmm. I had something to tell you. Not sure what.

I did get more pics of a certain waif girl and she looks even more beautiful. I think she will be moving in with me as soon as I can get her here....