Mar 14, 2005

Bella's lost and found:

This afternoon while I was working from home, I heard a child crying outside. I mean, screaming not crying. I looked out my window and there was a kid about seven years old walking down the street crying and screaming his guts out. So being a responsible citizen I grabbed my keys and my cell phone, ran down the four flights of stairs and out to him. He was crying so hard he was coughing and hyperventilating.

After trying to find out where he lived and if anyone was home (it was all very confusing because I couldn't tell if he spoke English and he was crying so hard it wouldn't have made much difference) and where he was going, he took my hand and pointed off down the street. So I said, "is that where you live?" and he nodded yes. "Is your mother home?" He nodded yes. Then, still holding my hand and crying, he started pulling me down the street while I asked "where were you? is that your house? Where's your mother? Who do you live with?" etc.

We got a block and a half away and he pulls me into this tacky dollar store and I think to myself, I guess there could be access to an apartment in the back - what do I know? Instead he stops and starts looking at toy cars. And I'm thinking to myself, "WHAT THE FUCK?" So I said, "What's going on here?" I don't know why I thought I would get an answer. All of a sudden I'm thinking, "I'm walking down the street with someone else's child...this is probably not a good idea." Cause all of a sudden I had the feeling I was being played. I asked again, where do you live? And he pointed back down the street the other way.

Right next door to the dollar store is the office of a municipal representative (government thing) so I stop there and explain the situation to the woman at the desk. I thought we should call the police at this point, but I also thought it would be a good idea for us to be in a nice safe public place off the street. So I explain that the child is lost and I'd like to call the police. And she actually said, "you can't use our phone for that, we don't want to get involved in anything like that."

I was like, "you're kidding right? Let me get this straight, because I don't want there to be any confusion - you're telling me, that your office - which is paid for by local tax dollars and is supposed to represent our community - does not want to get involved in the rescue of a lost or possibly abandoned child. Is that seriously what you're saying to me?" To which she replied, "we don't want to get involved."

Holy fuck.

So I told her I was calling 911 on my cell phone and I was going to give the police their address anyway. I had to tell them where to find us after all.

To wrap up the rest of this story, the kid ended up walking me back down the street where I live, so I called the cops back and gave them our position and they met us right at the point where he turned in a gate... Apparently he lives almost right across the street from me.

I still don't know what happened. The cop came over and said his mother had been sleeping and after interviewing her they decided not to apprehend the child "this time" which I think is good 'cause kids do stupid shit sometimes, and mums sometimes fall asleep. My oppinion will change if this happens again.

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