Mar 15, 2005


Quick question for you: Do your nearest and dearest know you blog? And more to the point, do they know the address of your blog and do they read it? This is an informal poll so let me know in the comments, I'm really curious.

The reason I wonder is because an interesting this has happened recently. Someone has found my blog who also links to the blog of someone who is a regular reader of the blog of someone who knows the people I know and some of those people read that blog. Convoluted I know. So, now there are only three degrees of separation between my blog and my entire known universe.

Don't get me wrong, its not like this is a top secret blog. Look, there's an only somewhat distorted picture of the real life me, right there in my profile. I haven't posted anything here (I don't think) that I would feel ashamed of, and I'm not a complete moron either - I know if you put something on the internet, the possibility always exists that it will end up in front of the person you least want to see it. There are people from real life who know I have this blog: Hell, I even sent my mother a link! Infobabe is one of my oldest friends - from real life. Darth, Yikes and a few others I've met in "real life" too. Somehow that's not the point.

Maybe I'm pathologically secretive.

I guess what I like about the blog, and the thing that was never true about it anyway, is it provides a certain degree of anonymity. Its kind of like ... okay the best example I can think of is, like if you were a diarist, you wouldn't want your life partner or your siblings or parents to read your diary - unless you got a great deal with (insert publishing company here) and got it published. Right? Then you would expect them to read it. Right?

That might be a bad example, but I can't think of a better one right now.

So, what's your secret and who are you keeping it from? And more to the point, why?

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