Mar 4, 2005

Luscious Lola's Lounge Licks:

A bunch of years ago my apartment was robbed. The fuckers actually broke the door right off the hinge. All to get at a 300$ stereo, a modest selection of CD's (I had only recently made the conversion from Vinyl - a little later than most) and my room mates nearly antique computer. They also stole my luggage to carry away the loot.

To say I was broke at the time is an understatement. I was working a shitty retail job and going to school part time. So when my room mate Johnny came home one night with a reel-to-reel player he found in a lane behind a residential hotel on Hastings Street, I didn't mock him. Instead, I called up my mom and said, "Hey mom, do you still have those old reel to reel tapes?" which she brought over the next time she came to visit.

Although my mom had a pretty good selection of tapes and each tape is several hours worth of music, a girl can only take so much Elvis and Bob Dylan, so I also started listening to the radio again. What radio? you might ask! I had a transistor radio - you know, one of those things you keep for emergencies? This was an emergency. So I moved it to the kitchen table and switched the dial between CBC and Co-op Radio with an infrequent stop at a top 40 station (beggars can't be choosers).

One Friday morning when I was off work and doing some writing for my class (where else but at the kitchen table) I was listening to Coop, and after hearing this fabulous voice - a cross between Marlene Dietrich and a lumberjack - on popped some Dinah Washington followed by some Platters and Eartha Kitt. The show, was Sister DJ's Platter Party.

Since I had a pen and paper in front of me anyway, I wrote Sister DJ a fan letter. I can't remember what it said, but she wrote back and invited me to bring some of my records down to the station to be a guest host on her show. That was my first foray into hosting a radio show.

Sister DJ is no longer on the air except for the occasional special on Co-op or CITR, but I was reminded of her this morning when I got out of the bath and turned on the radio and heard Eartha Kitt... the new Friday morning show is Luscious Lola's Lounge Licks, which you can listen to here:

Co-op Radio online

Where else can you hear some slick jazz, interspersed with Leonard Nimoy and a dedication to, "all you bondage lovers out there."


babydufus said...

mmmm. pure energy...

Gorgeous Girl said...

very cool bella.

thephoenixnyc said...

Free form radio is awesome. Sadly, its a dying breed. I find it incredible that she invited you down, what a thrill.

Have you done any more DJing since then?

Arethusa said...

Ra! Phoenix is right, that's pretty damn neat that she invited you down to DJ her show.

Why can't we have cool radio stations like that in Waterloo? I think, at best, there's one that plays polka.

mcgibfried said...

ms bella... have you listened to any pimpdaddy nash? just curious.. you being a jazz enthusiast and all.

Madame D said...

About the only cool thing in Valdez, Alaska-they have a local public radio station. And sure, you get the regular NPR stuff. But it's right across the street from the college dorms, which means that there is a steady supply of interesting people with some time on their hands to go volunteer to learn the radio shit and get their own shows. At least 3 of my friends had their own shows-it was so much fun to go over there, pick through the CDs they were pitching because of too much bad language, and listen to Beav play "The Rubber Duckie Song" every week for C. Whatever ya like, at some point there would be someone there to take a request and say "Sure. If I don't got it, and the station doesn't, why don't you bring it on down?"
I want more stations like that.

HarleyWriter said...

My dad had a reel-to-reel. I don't remeber much about it, just a lot of The Beach Boys.

That's all I got on the subject. You're right, just cuz it's true doesn't make it interesting. Hmmmm.

Bella_by_Barlight said...

Co-op is def. one of a dying breed, not all the shows are good though... it survives more or less the way PBS does - with membership drives and such, although they don't have the kind of big corporate sponsorship that PBS has. I'm a member on principle.

mcgibfried, no I haven't. I'll look for that, thanks for the tip :)

The college radio stations here are okay, but there are only two of them, and the one at my university doesn't have a strong enough signal to pick up from the city.

WeJamEcono said...

I have some reel-to-reel tapes. i should dig them up.

dj'ing is cool. you can do it better than anyone.

marvellous mark said...

I'm marvellous mark, the host of luscious lola's lounge lick's.Thank's for the mention and i hope your still listening to my show even though my friend sister D.J. is no longer in the time slot.
May your kisses be wet and your martini be dry and always serve yourself straight up.