Mar 20, 2005

The search for the holy grail of wrinkle creams:

About a year ago I started to notice a weird wrinkle on the edge of the left side of my lips. Its a strange place for a wrinkle and I couldn't figure out where it was coming from. Then one day while I was studying I looked up and got a glimpse of my face in the reflection of my computer monitor... My lips were screwed up into comical snarl and sure enough, the vortex around which this expression was swirling was that lip wrinkle thing.

I think I have pretty good skin for my age. People are almost always surprised when I tell them how old I am, and I like to think it isn't *only* because I'm really immature.

I have about five different jars of moisturizer in my bathroom cupboard. Okay, actually there are nine which I calculate represents about 600$ spent over the past year on vanity products.

In my own defense I feel I must add here that this is one of the few areas in which I regularly splurge. I worked in the cosmetic industry as a product and sales trainer for about six years so at the very least I can read a list of ingredients and roughly determine whether the contents have any hope of fulfilling the claims on the packaging. I also make it a rule only to splurge on the things that are going to stay on my body longer than two hours. For example, shampoo, face washes, soap etc that get rinsed off almost immediately aren't worth spending and extra ten dollars on because the branding makes you feel special. By all means, splurge on the Aveda product because it smells nice and it makes you feel good - but don't do it because you think it will actually make your hair healthier than a product for the same hair-type from a drugstore.

That's true except where the product stays on your body. Like for example: splurge on the conditioner, not the shampoo. Splurge on the moisture cream which sits on your face all day - not the cleanser which you rinse off right away. A clean soft washcloth works as well or better than "micro-beads".

Oh yeah, to get back to my point: So I got this new face cream to deal with my sad little wrinkle problem and I'm happy to report that it works... partly because I spent so much money on it that I've become very self-conscious of the faces I pull while I'm studying. Now that I know I'm a face scruncher I need to be more careful.

There's another part to this story, a prologue or an epilogue if you will.

When I was walking home with my new "line peeler" the other day, I suddenly flashed back to 13 years ago:

I was walking home from the corner deli on a bright summer morning and this artist woman I just thought was super cool, was sitting on her stoop drinking her morning coffee. She waved hello and we chatted for a bit there on her stoop. "you work at ______ right? What do you have for these?" she asked me, pointing at some barely noticeable smile lines. I gave her a couple of recommendations based on her skin type blah blah blah and she said, "I guess you don't have to worry about this sort of thing yet, you have beautiful skin" and I said, "I guess I'm lucky - must be good genes" and she said, "how old are you?" and I said, "twenty-two" and she smiled indulgently and offered me a cup of coffee.

Walking home with my wrinkle cream I did a loud internal, *Homer Simpson* "D'OH!!!"

So next time I have the urge to lament about my cellulite, or wrinkles or any saggy, limp, stiff or sore part of my body I'm going to stop myself and reflect on the fact that it is all downhill from here and I best be enjoying it while I can. Or at the very least, save my moaning for people younger than me who don't know how full of shit I am.


Gregor said...
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Gregor said...

*insert flattering comment here*

I fee lthe same way about the spare tire that is threatening me. Way to have a good attitude about the whole thing.

Bella_by_Barlight said...

well, if I worried about it I would just get more wrinkles :P

timx said...

Your inner self will last longer!