Mar 13, 2005

This weeks BEST CD EVER™

The Fiery Furnaces

"The music of The Fiery Furnaces is a mix of garage-rock, blues, and folk, yet it sounds like none of the above"

Oh come on now, what is it then?

I have no idea, and if the professional music reviewers can't figure it out, I certainly can't be expected to. There are a couple of songs that sound like a hybrid between Patti Smith circa 1977 and Portishead circa whenever it was that we all bought their first CD - but also, like, if aliens were involved in the hybridisation and it was taking place in a secret back-room at a circus freak show.

I like it.

You go to their website and listen to a sample and decide for yourself if its your brand of good or not and if you know what that's called, let me know.

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