Mar 28, 2005

a thousand words in place of a picture

okay so Hello! It is infobabe here, providing some guest content during bella's final slog in pursuit of her degree. Go Bella!

I am currently in Seattle with my boyfriend, whom some of you know. Yesterday, we decided to head over to West Seattle, to Alki Beach in particular, in search of some scenery and a new perspective. What I discovered is that West Seattle is a lot like Vancouver. Not a particular part of Vancouver, but sort of a combination of areas. A little like English Bay, a little like Kitsilano, a little like North Van. It was grey but warmish, deserted on Easter Sunday (except, ironically, for the eatery where we stopped for lunch, which was hopping).

There were many photo ops, most particularly the sight of a seagull who had snagged a crab, and was carrying it around in its beak. He hopped away from us and when we turned to look at him he and his friend were pecking out this poor crab's guts. I dunno, maybe it wouldn't make a great shot, but I'm not a photographer so what do I know? I thought it was cool though. That and hearing some seals way out on a float in the middle of the strait, barking into the spring breeze. It was a true west coast moment.

And Bella, just so you know, I did bring my camera to Seattle with me this weekend. I just left it in the apartment. Okay so I'm a tard. But I'm trying :)

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