Mar 17, 2005

True Travel Stories #1

In a posh hotel room in Portland Oregon:

One time I found an empty butt-plug box on top of the TV cabinet thing in the hotel room I was staying in. Actually, *I* didn't find it, my most darling travel companion did. At this point you need to know two things; one, I'm only 5'3", so if you ever want to hide something from me, like a surprise birthday present or a diamond necklace or whatnot, on top of anything higher than 5'2" is a great spot - I'll never look there.

The other thing is that I'm not observant (which is annoying even to those who adore me) and I'm not nosy (which is one of the reasons to adore me) so actually, you could leave the diamond necklace out on the coffee table and unless I knocked against it reaching for my cigarettes, it would be perfectly hidden from me.

The point is,I couldn't decide if I was relieved or disappointed that the box was empty.

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