Mar 23, 2005

Your assignment, should you chose to accept it:

Is to expand upon the idea of the self-portrait, as I tried to do in my previous post. Someone asked how I came up with the idea and it's impossible for me to say now because I wasn't thinking, "hmmm, how can I make a self portrait more interesting?"

Most of us, when we produce a self portrait (especially a photographic one) take a picture that amounts to a floating head. There is seldom context that tells us more about you as a person. There are lots of different kind of "self" and only part of it is our outward appearance.

My challenge to you, is to produce your own self portrait that either doesn't involve your face (any other body part is fine), or involves your face in a creative way so that your features only tell part of the story.

Post your self portrait to your blog and post a link in the comments section of this post.

I will be away from my blog for two weeks while I wrap up some assignments for school but I have left my blog in capable hands.

I'll be popping in from time to time so DO YOUR HOMEWORK!

Love, Bella.

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