Apr 27, 2005

I'm back from Mom Island:

After a week and a half of vacation I can finally say I've truly recovered from last semester. From this vantage point, being home, relaxed, with bright warm sunshine outside, it's hard to remember what I was fussing about.

On the other hand, the above state also breeds a bit of lethargy. Or maybe paralysis is more accurate. Right now I have five hours before I have to leave to go for sushi with the G-Man and the fabulous sophisticated K. And before then I should think of better pseudonyms for my friends.

I think part of the problem is that my brain is full of ideas. There are a few "shoulds" in there - like I should really sort through the three piles of paper in my living room and toss all the rough drafts of my essays in the recycle bin and probably most of the other paper as well.

I like the idea of trying another self portrait... This time I was thinking that I would only take pictures of the unflattering features in my house - a close up of the pale gray ring around my bathtub, the mysterious overgrown green fuzz in the scary ziplock container in my fridginator.

I could take my winter coat to the dry-cleaners since I don't think I'll need it again until October. I could / should do some laundry. Or not.

I kind of want to get back to this little video I started putting together and finish cutting it. I never found the time last semester.

I'm in another art exhibit in June. My work is already submitted because it is a "part 2" of a show I was in last summer, but I think I should send in a "part 2" of my own. I have a few ideas but if I were to do that I would need to actually think and my brain feels sleepy.

I could go lie in the garden in the sun and read the John le Carre spy novel I started yesterday while on the boat home from Mom Island.

Ugh, and I should go to the gym. Or go for a run/walk because I suck and probably couldn't even run to the end of the block right now without feeling slightly ill and phlegmy.

I should take the bus up to school and buy my text books so I don't have to stand in line on Monday.

I should consider editing my Russian History paper and see if I can get it published in a journal of smart essays. I should also try to work in the two concepts "Sliania" (assimilation) and "Sblizhenie" (coming nearer - not blending, between Muslims and Christians). Or not.

I should eat more high fiber foods.

I should scan the ancient photos, letters, newspaper clippings etc. that I brought home with me from Minnesota when both of my grand parent's passed away last summer. I'm the "family archivist" but I want to do something meaningful with this stuff, I don't want to just keep it from disintegrating. (One of the cool things I found was an invoice for a breast pump and ether dated 1918 - The ether cost 30 cents).

I have a bunch of stuff in my closet that I don't need or want. I should have a garage sale.

I should buy a new book case or sell some books.

Or I could get into bed with a big mug of tea and watch Babbette's Feast.

My brain is more cluttered than my closet. Maybe I'll wash the breakfast dishes and go lie in the sun.

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