Apr 13, 2005

Me and infobabe have a girl date tonight!

Bella and Infobabe circa 1975

We are having Chinese food and vodka drinks and watching sex and the city. It is such a blessing to have friends you have known your whole life. I'm a horrible friend, I don't return phone calls, I ignore emails that aren't urgent or titillating. And yet somehow info is still my friend. It is so nice to have people in your life you can completely count on. Even when we don't see each other for months, (or years as has happened once)we can pick up where we left off with no self consciousness. We don't need to get to know each other again, or "learn to trust". Trust is a given. There are very few people in my life I can be a complete dork around, with whom I can discuss my deepest secrets and know I might be teased but I will not be judged.

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