May 2, 2005

About eleventillion years ago...

Darth tagged me to post a song from my ipod that represents me. For several reasons which are mostly irrelevant I didn't get around to doing this. That is not to say I didn't think about it. I even set out with good intentions of finding a song on my ipod that represents *me*. This ended up being much more difficult than I thought it would be. I couldn't find one song that was close to standing for me both musically and lyrically. There were a number (are a number)that could be a feasible similimum one way or the other, but not both.

I always think these kinds of things are a mean joke to highlight my inconsistency. Which "me" are we talking about? The dork who loves the minutiae of cold war history? The blonde sex-pot who does a better than passable imitation of Mae West? The day dreamer? The flirt? The artist? The friendly outgoing misanthropist?

If I like the song but the lyrics aren't like me, is that more or less like me than a song I don't really care for all that much but describes me pretty well lyrically?

I'm really good at making things harder than they have to be. Is there a song about that?



I'm still thinking about it.

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