May 24, 2005

Dinner with the NBF

Last week I went for BBQ with my NBF and it was a totally excellent evening. We both had ribs and a Czechvar and talked for about two hours which I'm sure was quite annoying to our waiter. And guess what??? She eats ribs with her fingers!

Then we went for coffee and talked some more at this little Italian place where the "cute boy" I used to buy ice-cream cones from as a teenager is now a distinguished and handsome early 40's gentleman.

Welp, anyway, I am very happy with my NBF.

Today I met with my undergrad advisor person to find out what the heck is supposed to happen with this award thing. Apparently I will get something in the mail. Also, there is some sort of ceremony and some amount of money is involved.



I handed in my first assignment for my humanities course (the survey of religions one). I wrote a little thingy about the book of Judith from ye Old Testament. For those of you who like me are unedumacated about Bible stuff, Judith is this chica from the olden days who saved her village of Bethsomething-or-other by chopping off the head of Holofernes who was the general big-wig of King Nebuchadnezzar's army. Judith seduces Holofernes and when he is all, like, drunk on her beauty (and lots of wine too!)she chops off his head, puts it in her picnic basket and returns to ... Oh, Bethulia, that's what it's called. There is much rejoicing etc and the army of King Neb is so confused and frightened they are easily defeated by the Israelites.

The season finale of Deadwood KICKED ASS.


Product Endorsement

Omigod, Metromint water is the yummiest thing EVAH! (I'm not even kidding!)

"Metromint consumption denotes a discerning urban trendsetter with an eye for design, functionality, and good health; characteristics commonly found attractive by potential suitors."


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