May 10, 2005

I got the official letter regarding my essay prize.I admit, ever since my prof told me I won, I've been just waiting to hear that there was a mistake and Dr Russia spoke too soon and in fact I didn't really win. Hmmmm.... a little bit of impostor's syndrome perhaps?

Anyway, aside from that, today's small victories are these:

a) Prof. Tuesday is a delightful assclown whose sole mission in life appears to be to seduce students away from their chosen major. He is the pied piper of the English department.

b) it is now 3:00 pm and I haven't had a cigarette yet today.

c) I finally figured out how to add new music to my iPod without iTunes automatically deleting all the tracks I took off my computer to make room for new stuff. My friend, "Celebrity P" doesn't read my blog but if he did I would thank him for the mixed CD he made for me several years ago that I just put on my iPod. I know of no one else in the world who would pair Dionne Warwick's "Love Again" with Level 42's "Lessons in Love."

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