May 5, 2005

Lacquer jewellery box: self portrait series part 2

Music box 4
This jewellery box belonged to my mother when she was a small girl. It is unusual because it still has the original key.

music box 1
It also still has the original ballerina.

Music box 3
I have never kept jewellery in this box -

music box 2
only small fragile sentimental objects I never had anyplace else to put -

Nosegay 2
a dried nosegay from Prague - once plump with lily of the valley,

a rose by any other name
the head of a perfect salmon coloured rose,

a magnolia blossom,

bumblebee magnolia
the carcass of a fat bumblebee,

a clover,

collections 2
shells from the Bamfield Marine Science Station,

Aristotle’s lantern
and the mouth-parts (aristotle's lantern) from an unfortunate sea urchin disected in third year biology.

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