May 26, 2005

My funny iPod

The shuffle feature seems to suck, but that's okay because I don't really want to listen to "anything" on my iPod anyway. There is stuff on my iPod I wouldn't mind never listening to again. That's the way it goes when you buy CD's.

Anyway, I was looking for a song yesterday so I looked under "song title" and noticed that, alphabetically, my music is really well shuffled up! I also noticed that there sure are a lot of songs that start with ever. "every" "everyone" "everything" etc.

Every Ghetto Every City - Lauren Hill

Every Story Ends in Stone - Trey Anastasio

Every Time She Turns Around - Manitoba

Everybody's Alone - Neil Young (how did this get here?)

Everybody Dance - Chic (ooh! I haven't listened to this in a long time!)

Everyday People - Sly and the Family Stone

Everybody Has a Summer - Lovage

Everyone's a V.I.P. to Someone - The Go!Team.

Everything I Love - Peggy Lee

Everything is Everything - Lauryn Hill

Everytime - Dirty Ol' Bastard feat Jon B

There are a lot that start with "Get" too:

Get 'em High - Kanye West

Get a Hotel - The Fall

Get Carter - Stereolab

Get 'em Up - Paul Oakenfold

Get In My Car - 50 Cent

Get It Together - The Go! Team.

Get Original - Black Eyed Peas (who I am *soooo* over. Ugh)

Get Up Offa That Thing - James Brown

Get you Somebody New - Labelle (that's some good 70's funk)

Gettin' In the Way - Jill Scott

Tomorrow I'll post all the songs that *start* with the word LOVE.

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