May 19, 2005

Rollei A26 Camera:


THIS IS ONE OF MY BIRTHDAY GIFTS!!!! I took this photo while I was cleaning it, you can see the splash of orange in the background, that is the cloth I was using. The crazy thing is that when I was at my grandparents' last summer I found part of this camera - just the flash part with the charging power cord thing attached. My friend V had this camera for a while and never did get around to using it so he gave it to me for my birthday. He didn't have the power cord and wasn't sure if the flash worked. I had hoped to find the camera that went with the flash but never did. Now I have two flashes and the camera and the power cord. This camera takes 126 film which produces a square negative a little smaller all around as the short side of 35mm film. It comes in a cartridge much like the old 110 film.

Here is a bit more information about the camera:

When the Rollei A 26 was launched, at a time when the Rollei 35 was the smallest mechanical camera for 35mm film, this A 26 hit the world market as the smallest mechanical camera of the time. It did not look like a camera on first sight, but when you opened it, it became clear that this was a serious photographic instrument.

This camera's specialties are: film transportation on both opening and closing movement of the camera; also, the automatic flash mode initiated by attaching trhe system flash.

The A 26 was equipped with a very famous high performance lens which was developed by Carl Zeiss, especially computed for this camera: The famous Sonnar 3,5/40mm, a superb design with 4 elements.
The lens retracts into the camera when the camera is closed.

Film format 126 Cassette, 28x28mm.

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