Jun 21, 2005

Fuzzy logic:

I got my first assignment for my humanities course back, and I got a B+. That's okay because I didn't spend a lot of time on it, but the explanation as to *why* I got the grade I did, didn't make sense to me. For one thing, the TA said she found that my writing "didn't always make sense"... um, okay... it is possible that one last proof-read could have improved my paper. I looked over it again and thought it made perfect sense, but one always feels that way about ones own writing - right?

For example, here is a sample of the writing produced by my TA:

If you are citing from the same book several times on one page, do not write full reference every time; rather it use "ibid" sign.

Do a proof-reading before submitting the paper. It is not a bad idea to ask someone to read it after you so that he/she may provide a basic feedback for it. Unfortunately, there were sentences and paragraphs I could not really understand to - though I did my best. This may improve your paper significantly then...

So what I wonder is this: Did she not understand the writing because the writing was bad? Or because she doesn't understand good writing?

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