Jun 3, 2005

This weekend and a few adventures:

It looks like it will be a good weekend, and soon I will have a shower and a two hour disco-nap to get ready for it.

Tonight my NBF and some of her friends who I have never met, are going to see Carolyn Mark:

We're meeting for dinner first and I'm looking forward to another loud laughing snorty evening.

Tomorrow is Main Days,and a BBQ in the afternoon, and an opening later (though I can't remember what it is for).

Sunday I guess I will quit being a slacker and get some school work done. I need to read Hamlet again and I also need to read up on Shintoism.

Then Sunday night is The Kaiser Chiefs at the Commodore

Monday a fresh (and sadly the last) season of Six Feet Under begins

which is the best show on television right next to The L Word and Deadwood. Oh, and add The Sopranos in there even though we have to wait another eleventeen years before we see another season of that.

Now it is time for my disco-nap.

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