Jul 31, 2005

Here's a fun experiment!

Pick an album. Any album, but especially one you listened to as a teenager but almost never since. What is it? Does it sound dated? Too much synthesizer? Too much "classic rock"? Too much drug haze to fumble through before you recognize the tune? What do you smell when you hear the music? What half forgotten person suddenly appears before you? Is it summer or winter? Were you in love? Were you locked up in juvie?
Today I put on Thomas Dolby's Flat Earth.
I was 15. It was summer time and the bus drivers were on strike from July to September and all of my friends lived on the other side of town. I didn't have a boyfriend, but I was madly in love with Rob Brown, a tall thin boy with dyed black hair. We wrote each other love letters, made each other mixed tapes. But we never kissed. The air smelled like sun-dried driftwood. The air smelled like longing and loneliness. I wrote in my diary, I listened to Thomas Dolby, and I wrote love letters to Rob Brown.

I Scare Myself
I scare myself just thinking about you
I scare myself when I'm without you
I scare myself the moment that you're going
I scare myself when I let my thoughts run
and when they're running
I keep thinking of you
and when they're running
what can I do?

I scare myself, and I don't mean lightly
I scare myself, it can get frightening
I scare myself, to think what I could do
I scare myself -- it's some kind of voodoo...
and with that voodoo
I keep thinking of you
and with that voodoo
what can I do?

but it's so so very different when we're together
and I'm so so much calmer; I feel better
'cause the stars already crossed our paths forever
and the sooner that you realise it the better
and then I'll be with you and I won't scare myself
and I'll know what to do and I won't scare myself
and my thoughts will run and I won't scare myself
and I'll think of you and I won't scare myself
~Thomas Dolby - I scare myself - from The Flat Earth

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