Jul 15, 2005

The Lord Flashheart Experience: Blog advisor to the stars

Seeing as how my blog has become boring, I've enlisted the help of an anonymous blogstar to help spice up the joint:

Lord Flashheart: you around?
bella: a little bit. I'm studying
Lord Flashheart: women make me so crazy.
bella: tell me about your happy life in 200 words or less, I'm busy.
Lord Flashheart: I guess that sums up all I had to say
bella: thats all????????????
Lord Flashheart: That is the short, short, short version
Lord Flashheart: Look at this: *www.link deleted she has been going on
about this guy for months and he looks like an anorexic boy
bella: who is the boy? link to pic?
Lord Flashheart: that pic that just shows his elbow
Lord Flashheart: he looks like a scarecrow
Lord Flashheart: I dont have a point it just seemed funny
Lord Flashheart: I thought it was nicer to be mean behind her back
than in her blog
bella: I hate my blog, s'boring.
Lord Flashheart: You need to talk about anal more, you've gotten all
bella: LOL
bella: no way man
Lord Flashheart: We need to hear about your luscious boobies
bella: I'm going to post our IM convo on my blog.
Lord Flashheart: LOL
bella: I'll change the names to protect the innocent tho.
bella: I might correct the spelling too.
bella: or not.
Lord Flashheart: LOL!!!
bella: tell me about your childhood...
Lord Flashheart: I was like a boy genius and I never got any smarter
bella: can I leave the part in about the guy with the skinny elbow?
Lord Flashheart: Go ahead
Lord Flashheart: So I am still like the smartest 13 year old you will ever meet
bella: you need to say two more clever things
Lord Flashheart: I vomited this weekend. I drank so much it was unreal
Lord Flashheart: I am a superhero of drinking
Lord Flashheart: and sex
bella: what happened to your new old girlfriend?
Lord Flashheart: She is a blog ho, and she has kinda gone crazy jellus
on me and I think she is cheating on me as preemptive punishment for
my imaginary cheating on her
bella: Can I post that to my blog too?
Lord Flashheart: Ok, go ahead
bella: Note: I wont post about sex or barfing.
bella: I dont want to be type cast that way.
Lord Flashheart: Yeah, you will get like 200 dick pics in your email
bella: I fucking hate dick pics.
Lord Flashheart: Some blog girl was telling me she gets them all the time
Lord Flashheart: what a bunch of asshole
bella: there's nothing more sad and vulnerable
looking than a disembodied dick with splayed toes and all knobby kneed
Lord Flashheart: LOL!
Lord Flashheart: well, but sometimes you can see it's all nasty though
and avoid a bad experience
bella:Um, what do you want your pseudonym to be
Lord Flashheart: Lord Flashheart

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