Aug 19, 2005

speaking of spiders...

There's one building a web across my desk right now - between a painting on the wall, my monitor, my desk lamp, and with any luck it will not add *me* to its triangulation. Or should I say "quadrangulation" in that case.

Last night I finally scanned a bunch of photos I've been meaning to digitize for years. Here are two of them:
rob 1984
This is Rob. He was one of my best friends in grade nine and ten. I think I blogged about him before - we spent one whole summer writing each other love letters but never kissed. I took this photo in the summer at my house. His t-shirt was red. He had dyed his hair black, and I put makeup on him for this photograph. I lit him with a stand-up lamp in the livingroom. The year was 1984.

This is Phil:
phil 1989
We were in love from 1988 (september) until 1990 something or other. I met him in the cafe at school because he looked like a boy I had a crush on in grade 8. Different guy, but all six foot four red haired boys look alike. This photo was taken near VanTerm (Vancouver Terminal - shipping terminal). The car is a Chevy Malibu. That was a great car. Phil left the seminary right before I met him so it isn't my fault his mother went to heaven without having a priest in the family.

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