Aug 15, 2005

Two dinners and a murder:

First of all, you know what kicks ass? The Kill Bill Vol. 1 Soundtrack, that's what. Right now I'm listening to Don't Let me be Misunderstood by Santa Esmeralda. This is a great song. I used to spend a month every summer in a youth theater program thingy when I was between the ages of 8 and 13, it was super fun. Anyway, one day our teacher brought in this song on vinyl - the original by whatever band it was that did the original - and we had to work out a scene to perform to the music, and some kind of thing that involved choreography. Hmmm, seems a bit complex now. Mind you, this is the same woman who sent a pack of five 11 year olds off by themselves to sit in the bus station of all places to people watch. What a loon.

Anyway, this version makes me want to Flamenco dance. Too bad I don't know how.

It is extremely hot here tonight. It has been hot all weekend. Yesterday I actually developed heat stroke which was super gross. Today I drank about three liters of water and didn't move around too much until the afternoon.

Friday I went to see the Nathaniel Dett Chorale at Christ Church Cathedral. I was invited by the lovely KJ who was my African American History prof. from a couple of semesters ago. Some of you who actually read my blog (hi Darth!) might remember that I nearly failed one of her exams and was so depressed I used Mystery Deodorant of the "Fresh Manly Pine" smelling variety and developed an armpit rash which has lead to many confused people ending up at my blog after googling "itchy armpits."

[incidentally, Battle Without Honor or Humanity by Tomoyasu Hotei,also from the Kill Bill soundtrack is seriously fucking cool too]

Anyways, her gradumacation gift for me (cause I did end up doing fine in her course and made up for my C- with an A on the next assignment and we've since become real life friends) was to take me to this fantastic concert. The lovely Miss P also joined us. The concert was really great, and the conductor talked about the composer and the arrangement of each piece which was really nice. After the concert the three of us went to dinner at this new French bistro place called...

[by the way, I started writing this last night and got too tired to continue so from now on it is today not "tonight". "Tonight" was last night. I have a hangover - too many mojitos. Oopsie]

Cassis. I can't remember the last time I had such a flawless dining experience. Okay, so first of all, there's something really divine about going out to eat with two wonderful warm smart funny women. Who can argue with that? Sharing a bottle of wine to lubricate the conversation, laughing and talking openly - wow. Add spectacular food, a beautiful environment, and impeccable service and you have the evening I had - fan-fuckingtastic.

The next day (Saturday) I went for a long walk with my camera. Now, Thursday was quite cool - slightly overcast all day long and it really cooled down. It smelled like Autumn was in the air and I had to use my duvet to keep warm that night for the first time in almost two months, so for some reason I thought (erroneously) that this was all part of a general "cooling trend". Ha! Saturday was probably the hottest day we've had so far all year. There wasn't a single wisp of cloud in the sky to filter the sun, not a single faint breeze to take the edge off the heat. And I decided to go for a long walk... So anyways, after brazenly walking on the sunny side of the street for an hour thinking, "Oh, I'll just let my shoulders get a *bit* of sun" it was too late for shade. There wasn't any. I kept going along taking pictures until I really couldn't focus any more and then I put my camera in my purse. But did I think to myself, "gosh, Bella! It sure is a hot day! You've sure been in the sun without a hat, sunscreen or bathingsuit for an awfully long time! Maybe you should take the bus home now"? Ha! Of course not! I thought to myself, "I don't feel very well. I better start walking home now cuz it's over five miles!" D'OH! By the time I got home I really really didn't feel very well. I ran and got into a cold bath and after that I was pretty much down for the evening. I did perk up briefly after the bath, but ended up feeling bad bad bad for the rest of the evening. Bad enough to think to myself next time I start to feel like I've had too much sun, "Bella! Look there's a bus stop! GO HOME!" Or at least, "Bella, look there's a cafe with air conditioning! Stop and have a glass of ice tea!" Anything but, "I have a great idea, lets walk home!"

Yesterday I lay low, kept hydrated and saved my energy for another fabulous night out with two more fabulous females. Infobabe (who needs to update her blog more often! [edit: oh, she already did]) and my other bossy friend D joined me for a pitcher of mojitos and some dinner at Havana but didn't drink their fair share (hence my hangover). D and infobabe hadn't ever really met each other before. I tend to have a very compartmentalized life - something I've recently decided to change - and decided that the first step in mixing things up and opening up my life should be to introduce the two best friends. Almost as soon as it occurred to me to have them BOTH join me for dinner rather than see D on Sunday and info on Monday, I realized I was in for ... what? An ambush? No surely not! I knew they would like each other, they are practically the same person. Both brilliant and wise (which is different) and wonderful. The only odd thing about the evening, and it wasn't quite a surprise mind you, is that between the two of them, I felt like a medium or a psychic conduit through which they were able to read each other's minds. Freaky.

Finally, I forgot to mention the murder which occured during my heat-stroke evening some time around four in the morning when I was awake and sitting up in the dark living room nearly naked. I wasn't sure I was awake at first, heat-stroke can do funny things to your brain and when this intruder scuttled across the carpet I wasn't sure it was real. But sure enough, in the bright light of day there on the living room floor was the corpse of my nightmare: The desicated body of my murder victim - head bashed in with a 2L bottle of water.
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And that was my weekend. [You know what else is a fucking excellent song? You Can Have it All by the Kaiser Chiefs]

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