Nov 3, 2005

" certainly are creative..."

Bella's Shadow Puppet Theater <-- click to watch if for some reason you can't see the embedded video above.

No offense to any of the wonderful lawtards reading my blog today, but fuckin' lawyers, man.

First of all, I'm sorry my blog has sucked so much ass recently. Don't think I don't know I've been hit with the boring stick extra hard this month and the past week in particular. So anyway, I had a second interview last Friday for this one job I *thought* I really wanted. My first interview went really well, and I was prepped for the second interview immediately prior to going in for the meeting. I was calm, not nervous. Not arrogant, but well prepared. Or so I thought... DUM DUM DUM, DUMMMMMM MMMMMMMMM.... What I wasn't prepared for, and I don't suppose anyone can ever be prepared for this *really*, is that the interview was conducted by the kind of person who hates the kind of person I am right to the very core of their being.

30 year old female with two law degrees and a PhD in something impressive sounding, wearing a powder blue Ralph Lauren Polo sweater, ill fitting trousers, and sensible shoes.

The kind of person who says, "You certainly are creative..." and what they mean is, "You certainly are flaky" and "You certainly are a freak" and "You certainly are a hopeless loser" but they mean to and will say it with a smile on their face - hence you are "creative" *sneer*.

I'm not sure why this bothers me so much. Like it or not, I certainly am creative. I like making things, experimenting with technology and color and form and ideas. I also happen to be a highly competent person. The two (competence and creativity) don't need to be mutually exclusive. On some level I suppose I myself associate creativity with incompetence which might account for the reason I feel offended when people "accuse" me of being one of those "creative types".

Well, I proved her wrong, dammit. I didn't create a single thing for days and days. I shut down every creative impulse - every suspicious spark of alternative thinking.

I'm not saying I have *talent*! But if I want to make stupid shadow puppet movies on the weekend in my spare time rather than play golf or fucking water polo, what does it matter?

I'm not sure how it happened that so much of the interview time ended up being devoted to a conversation about what essentially comes down to my hobbies.She kept asking me questions about them, even as she was making it clear that she didn't see them as an asset.

Well, live and learn.

Next time I have an interview with a lawyer in a blue Polo sweater, I'll lie and say I like to watch TV or play golf on the weekend.

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