Dec 22, 2005

Christmas "object self-portrait"

This time of year, it seems to me that even the inedible looks delicious if the colours are vivid enough. For Christmas I've had a few photos printed and framed to give as gifts. One of my disappointments was that a photo I posted in my "object self portrait" study in the spring, was shot at low resolution and would only print up to about 3x4 without pixelating. Let that be a lesson to me to always shoot in best quality mode. Anyway, I tried to re-produce the image earlier today since I had some time at home. I thought this would be a fairly easy thing to accomplish but it turns out, even a staged photo is really one-of-a-kind. The light today was all wrong, no matter what I tried. I did get a few new shots to add to my OSP folder on flickr though and here they are: My Object Self Portrait - Part Two, the Christmas Edition.

Happy holidays everyone. See you in the New Year.



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