Dec 8, 2005

Mom Island

I've been on Mom Island for about a week and a half but I'm going home in less than an hour. My ship sails at 4ish. It's so green here. Relentlessly green. Walking home from "Downtown" Mom Island the other day, I set myself the challenge of photographing every non-green thing I could find but gave up after an hour because the only non-green things I found were brown or green-ish. I did find several patches of red though, I guess I should mention that. Berries and rosehips, that sort of thing. But after I photographed those, well, the only non-green, and I mean *really* non-green things I found were yellow painted tags on powerlines, and a few fluorescent pink strips of plastic ribbon, presumably used to mark the boarder between one guy's patch of green and brown and the next guy's patch of brown and green.

There was a bit of snow the first few days I was here. Not a lot and it melted pretty quickly, but there's nothing quite so pretty as snow falling in the countryside, muffling all that relentless green. Makes it easier to see some of the other colors, such as these pink buds which seem to be seasonally confused.

While I was here, I shared my bed with two murderous cats. The small fluffy cute one called Bunny is especially bloodthirsty, but look so innocent I think her brother Stripe probably gets blamed for the carcasses she leaves at the doorstep. Stripe is long, lean, black and shiny with an intelligent face and a slightly doggish personality. Being here, I can almost understand the instinct that drives those crazy cat ladies. There's something incredibly soothing about having two warm lazy cats waiting for you when you get into bed at night.

I've been reading Henning Mankell mysteries, they're pretty good. I like the descriptions of small swedish towns, and getting a sense of a geography that isn't London, New York, all those fancy places that mysteries take place.

These take place in a little place called Ystad which is a port town in the south of Sweden. I kinda want to go there now. Which makes me think soon maybe I should find and update the post I wrote about a year ago about my dream round-the-world vacation.

And with that, I must go catch a boat.

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