Jan 6, 2006

Retrospective and moving on

Somehow, I'm not sure how yet, I've been short-listed for a BoB - a best of blog award in the category of art/photo blog. I haven't investigated *how* this happy eventuality came about yet - I tend to keep a low profile and usually only have a few visitors per day. All modesty aside however, I'm quite glad to be nominated. My four fans can vote for me at www.bestofblogs.com.

So, wtf is up, my bitchez? I've been on holiday and it's been marvelous. Okay, so one might think the difference between a holiday and real life for the unemployed lady of leisure is an extremely delicate distinction, and you'd be right. The main difference is that I stopped looking for a job and started enjoying my time off. Actually I've been very busy and I'm not complaining.

I haven't taken any photos since the Christmas self-portrait ones. I didn't take any photos at Christmas or New Years. Not even a single "snap-shot" because I left my camera at home and I didn't miss it. However, now I have nothing new to post. Although I don't usually go for retrospectives (I like to look forward, not backward) but I took a lot of photos in 2005, so here are a few of my favorites.

two riders





Chocolate mousse cake with raspberry cream and white chocolate mousse


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