Mar 14, 2006

The art bidness.

As you can see, we had some snow here. It was incredibly beautiful for about three hours, it just wasn't quite cold enough to stick around for very long. Ah, but the magnolias are in bloom now!
So anyway, about my job...

I'm still waiting for my biorhythm whatsits to synch up with this new schedule. Getting there.

I've been officially working in the art bidness for five weeks now. I think, in theory at least, this is kind of like my dream job. I get to look at pretty pictures and color chips all day. In between looking at pictures and colors, I write about pretty pictures and colors.

This might just be a case of be careful what you wish for. Let me explain: I get to look at pretty pictures sure, but of course some of the pretty pictures are really crappy art. I'd say there are four categories of art that I deal with.

1) BAD. Bad composition, bad technique, bad color choice.

2) Grade A mediocre. Looks pretty. Composition and content isn't challenging, completely inoffensive. Okay, nothing wrong with "pretty", but totally uninspiring. Boring.

3) Grade B mediocre. Looks okay. Isn't stand-out-bad, but really isn't any kind of good either. This is the kind of stuff that gets churned out by art sweat-shops (I didn't know such things existed). If you squint, Grade B is difficult to distinguish from Grad A.

4) Good. Composition, color palette, and content are interesting, but in the long run, only your granny would dislike what is still essentially a pretty picture.

The crappy stuff is actually pretty easy to deal with. Bad is bad and doesn't require much debate. The trouble I have is with sitting in on art reviews where my colleagues are making comments like, "I don't like that branch on the right, it looks too spikey" or, "can we get the artist to change that from sea-foam to tiffany blue?"

Ah well, I have money in my pocket, I like my colleagues, I've been put in charge of the marketing department, and I will be making my first business trip at the end of April. North Carolina. I feel so... I don't know... businessy.

I didn't really buy 40$ lipstick. Now I'm saving up for a digital SLR camera and a computer with a reliable power supply. (and maybe a vacation)

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