Mar 2, 2006


Apparently there's some sort of "arctic vortex" swirling around this part of the globe right now, which I guess sort of 'splains wtf is up with the crazy cold weather we've had around here for the past few weeks. Oddly enough there hasn't been much rain - which is fantastic since my new employed lifestyle involves stupid amounts of time standing around at bus stops. Fortunately, that's the only part of my new job that sucks.

Did I mention I have the coolest job evah?????

I get to look at pretty pictures and write about them and research color and design trends and photoshop stuff. One of the thingies I wrote last week will be appearing in a fancy magazine next month, and they're already talking about making it the cover feature. The business park where my office is located has a huge gym which I've joined, so between long days spent in front of a computer looking at pictures and writing about them, my stupidly long commute, and going to the gym after work, my day works like this: get up at 5:50 a.m, leave for work at 6:45, arrive at work at 7:40. Leave work at 4:30 go to the gym, leave the gym at 6:10 pm to catch the bus at 6:25 p.m, arrive home at 7:30 p.m. At which point I am more or less catatonic which is why I haven't blogged or sent any emails of any length for the past few weeks.

I took my camera to work with me the other day and took some photos on my lunchtime walk along the river (there's a river near my office). I saw some ducks and some geese, some daffodils and some cherry blossoms, and almost lost a finger to frostbite. Bloody hell it's been cold.

Tonight I downloaded all of Rod Stewarts greatest hits. I'm not sure why I'm telling you this except that I think it encapsulates my current mental state.

Today I discovered a ridiculous amount of money in my bank account. I celebrated by spending a small fortune at Lululemon Athletica buying new running togs. I tried to think of something I really wanted, could never afford, and would only buy if I won the lottery or something, but the thing I discovered about money is that when you have it, the thing you thought you really wanted - needed even - is less tantalizing when it's only a card-swipe and PIN away. So I didn't buy a $40 lipstick, or a pair of Prada shoes. I bought a "Reverse Crop Slit Boogie,"(black) a "Baja Shape Jacket," (black) a "Sport Tank" (periwinkle) and a "Jazz Wrap SS"(bubblegum) the later being a bubble gum pink plunging neckline number which can't possibly be sports-wear no matter what the label says.

I've realized that deep down I'm hopelessly bourgeois, but with Rod Stewart singing,
You Wear it Well through my headphones, I just can feel bad about it right now. Maybe this weekend I'll go looking for a $40 lipstick.

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