Apr 26, 2006

Without access to a "real" computer for a while, I've been taking fewer photos than usual, but of course, there were still a lot on the camera today when I finally plugged my camera into my new Macbook. I have a new camera too, the Sony cybershot R1, but I haven't uploaded any of the photos yet and probably wont until tomorrow. Afterall, it's almost bedtime! Actually, I wasn't going to post at all tonight, but I've been away from my pretty blog for so long, and I'm excited to upload some of these photographs. The abstract ones above and the photos that follow were taken with my Canon G5. I planned to sell my camera to help pay for my new Sony, but when I thought about parting with it, I felt like puking. I love this camera, and now that I see these photos, I remember why. I think the Sony takes amazing photos, (10.3 megapixels!!!) but I'm not familiar with the switches yet.

I'm wanting to do more abstract photography, more staged installations, but these ones are nice too: just a bunch of fairly conventional photos taken around the city over the past month or so.

I'll have lots more to post when I get back from North Carolina Next Thursday.

My commute to work:

Natural Elements:





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