May 3, 2006

I'm stranded at O'Hare International Airport

But only for another couple of hours. I found this "gate station" internet thingy and put my 5$ bill in the red blinking mouth part and now I'm at my blog. Hello.

So, the the high point of High_Point (gag, sorry) was def. not the hotel. Or the market. Or the flight, or anything else. The high point of the trip was getting lost and winding up on a little street lined with single story, two room brick military style housing with big ol' porches and finding a drive-way lined with mamoth hideous!!!!! wood carved statues of hideous strangely painted things such as an amazon, a monster thing, etc. Very ugly, very roadside attraction. Maybe it was very North Carolina, but I doubt it from what little of it I saw. I was glad we got lost.

There wasn't anything really to take photos of on this trip. The furniture market things were camera free zones, and the hotel was a boring old sheraton though I took a groovy photo of a my beauty products in the bafroom.

Well, my minutes are up on this internet zone doolybob, so aloha until another time.

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