Jul 20, 2006

Musical Podcast


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    I'm trying to figure out how this works in part because I've been brainstorming content development for our company intranet (which currently has on it's home page, the most horrible photo of a bunch of staff at our recent salmon BBQ - mouths full and cheeks puffed out with food, and somehow cross-eyed as well).

    I tried to record my voice, but the audio levels were really low, so that's something to try next time. Next time I'll also try to develop a more interesting playlist.

    I think if you go to my .mac site, you can either listen online, or you can subscribe to the podcast and if you have iTunes installed, it will download and play in that - then you can listen to it later, and I think skip ahead, though maybe not. If someone can let me know if this worked for them, I would appreciate it!

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