Aug 15, 2006

Dinner Science Experiment!

"Les poissons
Les poissons
How I love les poissons
Love to chop
And to serve little fish
First I cut off their heads
Then I pull out the bones
Ah mais oui
Ca c'est toujours delish
Les poissons
Les poissons
Hee hee hee
Hah hah hah
With the cleaver I hack them in two
I pull out what's inside
And I serve it up fried
God, I love little fishes
Don't you?"

Tentacle monsters



Long Beans
Long beans. One last try.


"Here's something for tempting the palate
Prepared in the classic technique
First you pound the fish flat with a mallet
Then you slash through the skin
Give the belly a slice
Then you rub some salt in
'Cause that makes it taste nice"


Last ditch attempt to make knotted long beans


Squid with cilantro, chili and lime. Knotted long beans with sweet rice vinegar, fleur de sel, and crunchy onion bits.

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