Aug 7, 2006

Happy holiday

It's some random Canadian holiday today which means I get an extra day off - I'm a happy girl, especially since I think one of the members of my team at work may have quit on friday and this means I get an extra day to strategize before I have to deal with the fallout. To be perfectly honest, she's threatened to quit now so many times, I hope she just up and did it on Friday even though it will mean a lot more work for me over the next couple of months until the dust settles.

I've started planning a holiday adventure for the Autumn. I'm still playing with different ideas - spent a couple of hours browsing,, and my favorite:

I just checked out Brian's blog and he had planned a trip, cancelled it, then re-changed his mind and is off on a fabulous adventure to the U.K. I was already thinking about my own travel aspirations but now that my sister's baby is here and I've been at my job long enough to have a itty bit of vacation time accrued I've decided that more than anything, I need something to look forward to. And what could be more fun to anticipate, plan for, scheme, and organize than a vacation?

I spoke with my friend Erin on the phone this week and we both got excited at the prospect of meeting in New York for several days to a week in the fall. So there's one part of one plan. Then I started looking into the cost of flights and places to stay in Rome for a week. I wonder if I took a week of vacation, if I could take a week of unpaid leave and go to Rome for a week after my New York trip and fly home from there....

My imagination hasn't been able to let go of this fantasy about going around the world ever since I saw the price for an around-the-world airfare in the window of a Flight Center location a few months ago. The Canadian Flight Center website seems to be malfunctioning at the moment, but have a look at this:

Flightcenter - Around the World

Star Alliance has this:
Star Alliance Round the World Fare fr £1409*
Departing between: 07 Jun 06 - 31 Dec 06
Deal Ends: 31 Aug 06

29,000 miles fare with maximum 15 stops and no seasonality on pricing - Taxes are extra and vary by destination and stops selected.

15 stops may be a bit much for now.

There's this one as well:
One World 4 Continent Fare fr £1389*
The only Round the World fare not based on mileage but on the number of continents visited. (inc continent of origin) Maximum 20 flight segments permitted. taxes are extra and vary by destination and stops selected.

Realistically I don't think I'm going to be able to get the time off work to go on a 'round the world tour this year. I'll put some money aside to do that though. Someone suggested recently that my quality of life would be better if I had a car because then I wouldn't be such a slave to my commuter bus schedule. I have the money to buy a car right now but I don't believe for a second that it would improve my quality of life. The fact that I have a bus to catch at 4:40 sharp means that I leave the office on-time at 4:30 each day. That's a good thing.

No, I'd rather go to Italy, St Petersburg, Krakow, Porto, Mexico City, New York.

I am going to buy a bike next weekend though. Fuck this trying to catch two finicky and erratic express busses. The one doesn't synch up with the other and I waste a lot of time cursing under my breath because I've just missed one or both of them, or the only way to catch one is to catch the earlier one of the other and wait 20 minutes in the middle.

No, a car wont improve my quality of life - but a bike will. My second bus in the morning has a handy dandy bike rack on the front. I just have to figure out where to park my bike once I get to the office.

I'm having dinner with my ex-Andrew - I mean, he's still Andrew, he's my ex, Andrew. I need to work on this punctuation thing. Anyway, he's a great traveler and adventurer, and I'm looking forward to catching up with him and exchanging stories. We haven't seen each other in almost five years so between us, we'll have a lot of stories to tell over a big plate of BBQ and some frosty mugs of cold beer.

Share your adventure stories in the comments section. Where should I go? Where have you been? What did you like about it?

Me: Prague day 1 spring 1999 - Photo by Andrew

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