Aug 5, 2006

I just installed an extra Gig of ram in my macbook pro.


I = L33t H@X0r!

Anyway, it was that or sell this computer and replace it with one that will actually "go". I got the standard memory package - 512, and despite the fact that that was all my old computer had, this machine ran super slow. Disappointing. It has had the worst trouble running iTunes and iPhoto at the same time, and doesn't everyone who *has* a mac use both those programs constantly and at the same time - even running both in the background while they buy plane tickets online and fart around between other programs? Honestly. Running both of those programs in the background seems like standard operating procedure to me. Apparently not because I spent an awful lot of time sitting in front of the computer watching the ghey-ass little rainbow mobile spin around.

Now I have a gig and a half of ram. Yay me. I mean, YAY ME!!!!!!!

I just ran an impromptu stress test: With itunes playing in the background ("Corporeal" by Broadcast, if you're interested) I attempted to open, simultaneously, iWeb, iCal, Garage Band, Extensis Suitcase, Pages, Flickr uploader, iphoto and safari.

Result: Two thumbs up.

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