Aug 2, 2006

Struck chords and repeating choruses

"I think of you every time I hear 'Maggie May'," Jasper said with more than a touch of bitterness in his voice. I wasn't naive enough to be flattered. Never mind that, at the time, I was only twenty two years old and he was, in fact, a year older than me. Okay, so the Mrs. Robinson dynamic wasn't there, but maybe I did "wreck [his] bed, and in the morning kick [him] in the head" and maybe he couldn't - really really couldn't - "try any more."

I associate certain pieces of music with certain people too, and it wouldn't surprise me at all if the musical association was as galling to these hapless victims as J's associative confession was to me.

"You're All I Need To Get By" by Aretha Franklin, for example, reminds me of Bobalicious because I used to pop a quarter into the juke box during our once/month breakfast date just to hear that song - even though he was much, much less than I needed. If he were cloned 20 times he might have been halfway there...

"The Love Cats" by The Cure reminds me of my first passionate teenage fling so potently, I still can't listen to it without feeling sick to my stomach.

"Use Me Up" by Bill Whithers... I haven't met that person yet.

There are songs that changed me. For whatever reason, and they remind me more of the person I was at the time, than the person I was with. Embarrassing songs. Songs I could potentially hate myself for loving. A certain Whitney Houston song comes to mind.

"Get Another Plan" became my anthem and mantra the first time I heard it. And to this day, when it's time to reevaluate a situation, when my life feels as though it's in another one of it's cyclical holding patterns, the chorus of this song strikes up it's repetitive refrain, "I need another plan/ I need another plan / I need another plan/ 'cause this ones not working.'"

The 50th or so time I listened to "That's Me Trying" from last years William Shatner album Has Been (hey don't knock it until you've listened to it), I phoned my dad and we met and had lunch and talked for the first time in over four years.

Finally, there are some people who get so deep under your skin that every song you hear becomes infused with iconic significance.

It's almost an anniversary of sorts for me right now. A year ago I wrote the last exam of my degree - I studied too hard for it, it was stupid and easy, and despite the heavy thud of sadness I felt in my bowels, I wrote the exam in record time - but not fast enough to say a second farewell to C before he flew home and before the tide of pre-made plans drew me on and away from the nest we shared for two weeks. Lots of sad songs remind me of last year, but it's kind of backwards... I was so - happy!

So, there's a song - here's a song that lets me remember that time with a broad smile on my face. With apologies to c... but, at least it's not Maggie May.

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