Sep 23, 2006

Last Wednesday - view from the bus on my way home from work
rain splashed field

This morning - view from my front window
good morning

The rain was nice. It's been such a lovely but unusually dry summer. The bad part was how brown everything turned in the emerald city. A week ago even hardy old trees in the park were turning crunchy at their tender leaf-tips from lack of rain.

This morning I got up at 7:00 a.m to get this shot:
good morning
I pass by this park on the bus every morning on my way to work, and when the sun is coming up the light in the park is so lovely that more than once I've been tempted to get off the bus to snap a photo - call in a traffic-jam excuse for my lateness. It was difficult to get a shot that wasn't full of oldsters out for their morning constitutional.

I'm not sure this shot was actually worth getting up early for. The park looks more magical when I'm stuttering by on a crowded bus than it did this morning when I had all the time in the world to linger.
good morning

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