Dec 5, 2006

I'm fully in favor of freedom of religion, but don't fuck with my baking!


The woman who lives downstairs from me is a Buddhist, and I've never thought one way or the other about that until last week when I sat down to take my boots off when I got home from work, and a mouse darted out of my kitchen. Keep in mind I live in the 4th floor attic... this mouse didn't just saunter in off the street that afternoon!

It turns out, other people in the house have known about the mouse problem and had taken to setting humane traps (catch and release style) to deal with the problem.

No one told me, but in an effort to control the problem, there's been a sort of policy of not leaving any food unwrapped. Makes perfect sense anyway in a general sort of sense, but WHAT ABOUT MY COOKIES?????

For the past several years I've been making gingerbread cookies that I spend quite a lot of time decorating - they take 24 hours to dry, and they need to be uncovered while they do. I'm wondering how to deal with this. I understand not wanting to kill another living creature - It's not like I'm some kind of murderous mouse killer myself, but what about my cookies!

Apparently the people on the ground floor offered to call an exterminator, but "Middle Floor" doesn't want the murder of mice on her karma.

Color me cranky.

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hallvardur said...

i have some experience in this field. i even tried using a non killer mouse trap once. however, it never worked! The mouse just didnt want to go into it. If you want to catch a mouse, you should use chockolate or something sweet, thats what they like!