Dec 4, 2006

S'okay, but it needs more Mary...

I saw Ludacris on Saturday Night Live a couple of weeks ago and he did this song called Runaway Love which was okay, until Mary J. Blige joined him on stage to sing the chorus and brought the most spine tingling power to what was otherwise a fairly mediocre tune. I was completely riveted when MJB came on stage - In fact I was about to shut off the TV and go to sleep until I became paralyzed by the power of her presence on stage and the intensity of her voice. Anyway, I downloaded the song from iTunes (the uncensored version - since the song is essentially about sexual exploitation, but doesn't contain any swear-words, I can only assume it got a parental advisory warning because it contains the word "Abortion"). In the recorded version, the backup chorus is just that, a back-up chorus to Ludacris's vocals... it doesn't work. Actually, what would be ideal is, take Ludacris out of the mix all together and give the song to Mary.

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